Week Nine Update + I’ve Lost 75 Lbs.!

It’s kind of hard to report on week nine when I haven’t yet captured last week’s report on week eight, but I’ll catch you up!

For week eight, my biggest goal (and perhaps biggest one yet) was to eat 1/2 cup of leafy greens per day. Not pureed and hidden in meatloaf, not mixed into a choco-banana smoothie. Whole leafy greens.

Fast forward to week nine. I’m happy to report that I meet that 1/2 leafy green goal, and ate several small – GASP – salads!

I weighed this a.m., and I was shocked and thrilled to see the scale at 153.2, which takes me above and beyond the 75 lbs. lost milestone. 75.6 to be exact!

Traci and I celebrated my milestone, and then set the following goals for the coming week:

  1. Lay off the sugar-free Popsicles. They sure are nice when it’s hot, but I found that when I eat them, I get headaches. At least I think it’s the popsicles. Traci said that I’ve been eating so clean that my body is probably extra sensitive to the ingredients.
  2. Continue the twice a week elliptical challenge consisting of six minutes each at levels one, two and three; 12 minutes at level four.
  3. Increase daily leafy green consumption up to 3/4 cup daily, and on two days, add beans to the mix.
  4. Increase non-carb veggies.
  5. Think of a significant way to celebrate the 75 lbs. lost milestone.
3 comments to “Week Nine Update + I’ve Lost 75 Lbs.!”
  1. Congrats! Are grapes an ok fruit for you to eat? I’ve been chowing down on frozen grapes on place of popsicles or ice cream before bed lately!

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