Non-Scale Victories: December 2017

  1. Attended KMB Gala, and ate reasonably.
  2. Splurged at Road Trip Supper Club lunch, but split with Sister to keep it in check.
  3. Exhausted from daylong road trip, rested all day.
  4. Skipping workout to give me time to take a deep breath at home before I burn out.
  5. 69 weeks in a row at the gym.
  6. Went to the gym even though it was cold, dark and rainy and I really wanted to go home.
  7. Visited with Coach for his 95th birthday.
  8. Making a list before doing any spending this weekend.
  9. Went to the gym even though I was running late and it was cold and rainy. Squeezed in a 15 minute cardio session.
  10. Scheduled the final payment on one of my credit cards.
  11. Got an empowering Twitter like.
  12. 70 weeks in a row at the gym.
  13. When that distant co-worker starts to come around when you least expect it.
  14. Winning a new PS4 and selling it on eBay for extra Christmas money.
  15. Picking up Christmas candy at Walgreen’s, then putting it down before checking out.
  16. Tossed a half-full carton of ice cream because I kept eating it.
  17. Trying a new recipe.
  18. 71 weeks.
  19. Presented STAR rating to City Council.
  20. Going from the first percentile to the 47th in the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test section of the neuropsych testing.
  21. Didn’t eat candy on the way back from Target. And they were truffles.
  22. Great report from neuropsych testing.
  23. A movie that makes you think and inspires you to learn more.
  24. Went to Christmas communion service.
  25. Two days with virtually no social media.
  26. Uninstalled apps that I was spending money on b/c 99 cents at a time adds up.
  27. No post-holiday shopping.
  28. Started several new DR/ED funds, including Move to Beverly and New Car.
  29. A movie and “drink at a hip bar” with friends you rarely go out with. Who are actually quite fun.
  30. Celebrating Moms 75th birthday!
  31. Enjoying a quiet (except for the dog barking) New Years Eve.