Back from Hiatus

The last post I made to the blog was late 2017. I started a non-scale victory log for January 2018, but only today published it. I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with too many things to do, and the blog was one of the things that suffered.

Today is Independence Day 2018, and the three year anniversary of my return from from the aneurysm rupture treatment and rehabilitation. I wanted to mark the day with a special activity, but it was just so hot and nothing quite felt right. Instead, Beth and I took Cookout over to Mom, and I decided not to plan anything else, but to let the day just unfold. It’s telling that I ended up here…

During my blog break, there have been quite a few developments:

From the aneurysm front,  things are looking good. Once Palmetto Health brought on a neuropsychologist, I took a follow up exam, which indicated that my brain is in good working order. I had my three year appointment with Dr. Graham, who said that I had a better chance of winning the big lottery than having another aneurysm rupture. It’s been seven months since I’ve done a Botox injection in my still damaged vocal cords, but I’m getting one next week. After having thoughts of stepping down, I’m still facilitating the Joe Niekro Aneurysm survivors support group at Palmetto Health. I am trying to delegate more, though, and not be so hard on myself about it.

I’m a few lbs. heavier from three years ago when I returned from rehab, but generally around the same weight I was before the aneurysm. I’ve been working on a sure enough lifestyle change that allows me to enjoy good food while also maintaining good health. I haven’t logged via My Fitness Pal in at least six months, and the world hasn’t ended, nor have I exploded weight-wise. I’m not as toned as I was three years ago, but I am working out on a regular basis. I usually strength train twice a week and get 30 minutes of cardio or hit my step goal two other days. My step goal is up to 7750, and I’m bumping it back up toward 10,000 a little bit at a time. I’m working on getting and staying on a more even keel with food; allowing myself treats while also trying to manage binges.

I feel overwhelmed less and less these days, and I’m working to better balance work and play. After eight years, I’ve “retired” from Lexington Medical Center’s Every Woman Blog. I’m working to get the house, especially my bedroom, de-cluttered and in better working order. I’ve also tried to capsulize my wardrobe to make it easier and less hectic to get up and out in the morning and feel better about what I’m wearing.

My longtime hairstylist passed away unexpectedly in February, and after 12+ years with him, I’m slowly adjusting. I grew the blonde out and went natural and gray for a while, but I’m finally back blonde, as of last week. I’m surprised how much I miss Wayne, even though we were separated when he died. I pass his house at least once a day and do my hair every day, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I loved Wayne. He was an incredible stylist, but also a friend I spent a lot of time with over the years.

I don’t want to set any goals for this blog, but I would like to come back to it on a more regular basis, especially since I’m no longer writing for LMC’s blog. We’ll see how it goes. Over and out until next time, which could be next week, next month or even next year.