A Sweet New Challenge for 2020

In the last five years of trying to live my best life, I’ve gone from enjoying sweets in moderation to what feels like a downright addiction some days.

My go-to black pants are getting a little tight and I feel a little out of control, so I’ve decided that I need to do something to help break the sugar cycle. Enter the NY Times “7-Day Sugar Challenge,” how to skip the extra sugar, one delicious daily challenge at a time.

I love a challenge, especially one that someone else is coordinating. And seven days is easy enough, right? The daily challenges are as follows:

Day 1: A No Sugar Morning
Day 2: Real Food vs. Packaged Food
Day 3: Eat Fruit
Day 4: Stop Drinking your flavors
Day 5: Spice it Up
Day 6: Sweeten your Vegetables
Day 7: A  Chocolate Reward

My goal will be to start reducing the extra sugar, one day at a time. Each day, I’ll share an update and pass along any interesting information I learn.