January 2018 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Started the New Year with good friends.
  2. Started a new book!
  3. Got oatmeal from OPH instead of hitting a drive-thru.
  4. Consultation with Dr. Word.
  5. Attended a colleaugue’s retirement drop-in.
  6. Returned to the gym after a holiday break.
  7. Watched a new old movie.
  8. Great workout.
  9. Got back on the treadmill.
  10. Exercised my “monkey mind” at an EEASC meeting after work.
  11. Attended Crescent Society Luncheon by myself.
  12. Eight plus hours of sleep, two nights in a row.
  13. Walked at EPC this afternoon.
  14. Catch up Sunday.
  15. Created new budget envelopes.
  16. Paid off Dress Barn credit card.
  17. Snow day meeting + haircut.
  18. One of the best ever CPAC meetings.
  19. Treated sick Mom to banana and fudge popsicles.
  20. Road Trip Supper Club to Ridgeway and Winnsboro.
  21. Went to the ER with Mom and didn’t panic! 🙂
  22. Started making plans to get my Toastmaster ATM (10 more presentations)
  23. Eight hours of sleep last night
  24. Spent less than $30 at ULTA; only bought what I went in to buy.
  25. Channel Two interview for STAR.
  26. Went to the gym on a Friday afternoon even though I was exhausted. Hit step goal as a result.
  27. Chose a healthy dinner option over a fast food one.
  28. Made it to Jubilee even though I got a late start.