Surviving the Coronavirus: NOOM-Style

My Coronavirus quarantine aka Coronatine, started on Monday, March 16. Deemed a non-essential, non-frontline employee, I packed up a load of papers and headed home for what I thought might be a two week break. I fully expected to return to work by April 1.

Suddenly, my routine was up ended, and my morning gym appointments came to a halt. The first two weeks, I was stress eating like a fool! I saw that NOOM was offering a special for previous members, and the promo I received appealed to “Coronatine challenges”. So that I might still have clothes that still fit upon the return to work, I re-joined and dedicated myself to regaining control.

Fast forward two weeks, and I’m down three lbs. I’m not sure this was the best time to start only because grocery shopping has been so limited. It has been good to get back in to a better eating routine, and I hope to add workouts again soon. I’m also going to return to my monthly “non-scale victories” list to recognize progress beyond what shows on the scale. Frankly, passing up half-off Easter candy is sometimes bigger than losing five pounds.

I’m excited about tracking these again, and hope it will help keep me in line as we navigate the still uncertain days ahead.