Which Morning Rusher Are You? + Tips to Help

I generally wake up at 4:34 a.m. on weekdays, yet I still just barely make it to work by 8:30 a.m.!  And when I do get there by 8:30 a.m., I’m usually frazzled and ready for a cup of coffee. Enter this article from Mom’s Woman’s Day magazine, which explains the types of morning rushers and offers tips to smooth weekday routines.

While I am sometimes guilty of being “the makeup and outfit warrior,” it appears that my issues are related to being “the productive morning person.” Here are the symptoms and solutions:

The Productive Morning Person

Your motto: “I like to exercise and empty my inbox before 7. Hear me roar.”
Typical disaster: You’re midway through your workout when you notice you’re 25 minutes behind schedule and you haven’t even packed lunch yet.
What’s really going on: When you get right down to it, even the earliest riser has only about an hour of free time. You’re trying to fit in too much, and then losing track of time.
Your new strategy: Choose one big task—say, emptying your inbox or writing those thank-you cards—and set an alarm to go off in an hour. When it does, move on.
The night before: Force yourself to pack lunch and your workout bag for the next day so that you can make the most of your morning hour.
Sunday-night ninja tip: Plan! Write down which hour-long task you’d like to accomplish each morning for the coming week.
You really need to… Keep your cell phone and computer off. Don’t look at any screens until you’re out the door. If you must, quickly respond to any urgent messages—then put the phone in your purse and don’t check it again until you leave.
Your easy morning lunch plan: If you have a communal work fridge, stock it for the week. Each Monday, fill a container with, say, deli meats, veggies and sandwich wraps, and make your lunch at work.

This week is a little unusual as I will be on the road a couple of days, but I think I’ll try some of these suggestions, especially keeping my computer off. (Keeping the cell phone off is a little more difficult since I use my iPhone as my exercise iPod, until I get a new Nano, but I’ll try to refrain from using it for reasons other than that in the morning.)

Check out the article to find out if you’re a productive morning person like me or perhaps the harried mom, makeup and outfit warrior or oversleeper. If you can save just a few minutes or get to work even a little less stressed, it’s totally worth it!

PS. I’m not already breaking the rules–this will post early Monday a.m., but I’m writing it on Sunday afternoon! 🙂

P.S. Two Did you know that Baldauf means “early riser” in German? Or that’s what I’ve always been told!

  1. I’m a total “Oversleeper,” and unfortunately the advice is to force yourself to sleep even if you’re wide awake. I’ve found that having a plan helps me get out the door on time with lunch and whatever I need to bring with me for the day (usually!), but not enough time to work out in the morning. I’m trying to decide if my new schedule is conducive to morning work outs, since I’ve always had great luck with them, but I just worry that my oversleeping habits will keep me from making it to the gym in the AM consistently.

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