What’s Going On?

I’m a little sad tonight. I have cooked all day long, and while the dishes have been okay, nothing is GREAT. It’s such hard work to cook all day, and then when nothing really sets the world on fire, well – it’s frustrating. It seems like nothing has been really good this week. Even my old favorite Taco Soup has been a little, meh. I wonder if the antibiotic that I’ve been on could be affecting my sense of taste.Tonight I take my last one, so if that’s it, hopefully things will get better.

After I got over the worst of the sinus infection – over Christmas – I did get my appetite back. And it’s not that I’m craving anything – it’s just nothing really tastes good.

On top of that, I really want to embrace even more of this plant-based diet, but right now, it’s all I can do to maintain what I’ve been doing, much less add more new stuff. And I want this to be a new lifestyle; it just seems like I’m still too finicky with these vegetables. I thought I would be getting used to them by now.

I don’t mean to whine; I just don’t like the place where I am right now.

Hopefully a hot bath and early bedtime will help!

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  1. Hang in there, MP! You have come SO FAR! Everyone has those days / weeks….you'll be better! It's just a blah time right now! I took my last (of 20) antibiotics on Friday night…so I'm right there with you! Hang in there!

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