Weekly Wrap Up: Week 1/12 in the Books

Tomorrow is my nutrition meeting with Traci.

Looking back at my goals for this week, here’s a progress report:

  1. Move and stretch every day; can try the elliptical again for five minutes, but must ice heel afterward: Exercised every day but one, Saturday, which I reserved for grocery shopping and cooking. Since starting, I’ve always taken a day off, usually Sunday. I tried the elliptical once, for five minutes, and iced afterward.
  2. Drink 60-80 oz. of water per day: Yikes! This wasn’t easy. I have to get the water in my late afternoon or else I’m up all night going back and forth to the bathroom. I made this goal every day except one.
  3. Find a new recipe to share: Done! Brown Rice Pie Crust, Zesty Black Bean Soup plus the one below.
  4. Make a new green drink: Done! Mango and Baby Spinach. LIKE!

It’s been tempting, but I haven’t weighed since last Wednesday. Now, I’m a little nervous about it, but I’m going to weigh in the morning.

Workout-wise, I’ve had two great training sessions with Daniel. I’ve still been on the bike, but have bumped up my workout to a program instead of going “manual.”

Will check in after my noon meeting with Traci!

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