Weekly Update

A couple days late posting this, as usual!

Last week’s goals:

  1. Same elliptical challenge as last week. (Did it once, not twice.)
  2. Cook some “soupy beans” aka beans w/some pulverized beans added to enhance consistency. (Didn’t get around to this!)
  3. Make a Sneaky Chef recipe that includes one vegetable that I hate. (Done: Made delish Sneaky Chef chili with two vegetable purees.)
  4. No more than one serving of meat a day. (Done!)
  5. Eat enough. (I wasn’t hungry, so I guess I did ok on this one.)
  6. Move every day except one. (I think I had two rest days…)

This week’s goals:

  1. Share something with Diane and Tanya, two City employees doing the program.
  2. Have at least 1/2 cup of greens five days.
  3. Go two full days with no animal products (dairy, meat).
  4. Create/try a new all-plant dish. Tofu counts.
  5. Limit peanut butter/nuts to one serving a day.
  6. Increase vegetables.
  7. No lonely fruits. Don’t have just fruit alone for a snack. Add a protein or veggie.
  8. Six days of planned activity.

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