Weekly Goals

Update on last week’s goals:

  1. Ice my right heel every day. That’s the one that gets plantar fasciitis flare ups. Traci just wants to be sure this extra walking doesn’t cause a flare-up. (Did most days!)
  2. Four days, have one cup of leafy greens. Two of those days, have beans with them instead of meat. (Not so much. But did try iceburg lettuce and didn’t hate it!)
  3. Fix (and eat) some type of roasted veggie (Time got away from me!)
  4. Prepare a dish for someone else in the program (Brought Taco Soup for Diane and Tanya)
  5. Take a day of rest from walking/exercise (Superlative effort here – took THREE days off. After two hours on the treadmill for a #walkthewalk win, I was ready!)
  6. Post “do it or shut up” blog post (Done!)

Goals for This Week:

  1. Triple volume of veggies eaten, which shouldn’t be hard since I ate very few last week.
  2. In any given day, only one oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich. (Both a fall back for lazy dinner, but not this week!)
  3. Six days of planned exercise, including two days of elliptical challenge. 30 minutes above 130 spm: 10 mins at level 2, 10 minutes at level 3, five minutes at level four, five minutes at level five. Should level five be too much, go back to level four, but remain at 130 spm speed.
  4. Ice and stretch every day.
  5. Whatever veggies I cook, bring some for Diane and Tanya to sample.

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