Weekly Goals That Weren’t: RIP Winston

Big Dog. Big Love. Big Ham!

Last week, Traci gave me a whole slew of goals at our regular Wednesday meeting. That evening,  came home to discover my beloved dog, Winston, had lost the use of his back legs from what turned out to be ruptured discs. After a couple days of trial treatments, he got worse. The vet advised that he was not a good candidate for surgery due to his size and age, and we made the painful decision  to say goodbye on Friday. Needless to say, I met few if any of last week’s goals. But I did have one success throughout the dreadful, sorrowful week: I did not return to my usual way of dealing with stress and pain – by stuffing it down with junk food. It was a crappy week, but I’ve now walked through a pretty hot fire without melting down.

I’ll handle this week’s goals in a separate post and devote this one to Winston. And while now isn’t the time to describe my sweet friend to you – I can barely go an hour or two without crying just yet – I can say that he was the sweetest, most loving friend for eleven years. I don’t think anyone or anything will ever love me the way he did.

Rest In Peace, Sweet Winnie. I miss you.

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