Week Two Wrap Up: Wednesday with Traci

Today marked the completion of week two of the third twelve weeks at Doctors Wellness Center!

This a.m.’s weight was 176.8, down one lb. from last week. I have now completed 26 weeks and lost 52 lbs., an average of two lbs. per week. I would LOVE to think that I could lose 20 lbs. in the next 10 weeks, but I know that I may also eventually reach a plateau. I’m just trying to take one day at a time.

After reviewing my weekly food log, Traci said that I didn’t eat enough last week, and I knew that. On weekends and busy work days, I sometimes miss a snack or don’t eat enough.

Also, I noticed that since I started eating only whole grains, I was having a few more animal products. It used to be that a peanut butter sandwich or whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce was a great meatless lunch, but now I’m having to get more creative. (There is nothing wrong with whole wheat bread/pasta, but I am laying off it for a while to help with weight loss.)

This week’s goals:

  • Eat enough every day, especially vegetables.
  • Continue  to move every day, stretch and ice heel, but also add 10 minutes – and only 10 minutes – on the elliptical two days this week.
  • Try some new recipes for lunch. (We looked through a cookbook and Traci made some copies for me.)

On to week three!

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