Week Five in the Books

I met with Traci today, a day early this week because I will be out of town tomorrow, our regular meeting day. Here’s an update on my goals from last week:

  1. Get my mind right; prioritize things – learn to pick and choose instead of doing it all. (I’m a work on progress on this, but making some headway!)
  2. Try a new bean dish. (Done! Made Wild Rice Blackeyed-Pea Burgers.)
  3. Keep working on getting vegetables up. (This is a permanent goal, LOL!)
  4. Have green drink at least one day. (Done; had a choco-nana-spinach smoothie today!)
  5. Same elliptical challenge as last week, once. (Didn’t get to this one. Traci recommended that I try this on Monday, based on my training schedule, but the gym was closed Monday for July 4.)

Goals for Week Six

  1. Try two new vegetables and/or vegetable dishes.
  2. Work on increasing veggies on their own, not combinations of veggies with carbs, grains.
  3. Do that elliptical challenge once, preferably Monday: 30 minute with 12 to 15 minutes at level four, 120 spms or above.
  4. Get vegetables up!


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