Week 9: Late Reporting, But In the Books

I haven’t given an update on Week 9 because everything has been so crazy!

Mom stepped out of bed wrong last week and tore her meniscus; she had knee surgery the next day. Since she is Dad’s primary caregiver, Sister and I had to step in to help her and take care of Dad. I flew by the seat of my pants for much of the week;  I was also a day late seeing Traci.

Both Traci and I were quite pleased that despite everything going on, I pretty much stayed on track. I exercised five days, got in both training sessions, and despite not eating enough – both in general and in terms of veggies.

My goals for Week 10 were simple:

  1. Eat more vegetables.
  2. Move over the weekend.

I don’t remember when I last weighed, but my last recorded weight was 166.4.

Things have settled down, but I’m still running a little behind.

Update on Week 10 tomorrow.

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