Week 3 of 12 In the Books

Today was my weekly Wednesday meeting with Traci, and here is the scoop.

Week Three Goal Update

  1. Get the volume of vegetables up. (I’ll never probably meet or exceed this, but I’m trying!)
  2. One day, not training day or day after, do the following on elliptical: five minutes at level one, 10 minutes at level two, 10 minutes at level 3, five minutes at level four. All minutes should be at 120+ spm. (Actually did this twice, except I did 10 minutes at level four!)
  3. Keep advocating. (Did this, mostly through this blog.)
  4. Cook something to bring to share, preferably taco soup. (Done; dropped the soup off this afternoon.)

Goals for Week Four

  1. Try sweet potato burgers on romaine.
  2. Add quinoa and one green drink to menu.
  3. Two days, do 30 minutes on the elliptical with 12 to 15 minutes at level four, 120 spms or above.
  4. Get my mind right; prioritize things – learn to pick and choose instead of doing it all.

The “get my mind right” is referring to a period of stress I had yesterday and today – I was trying to do too much and ended up not doing any of it very well.

I missed this a.m.’s exercise as I slept late, and I considered using today as my “rest day.” But when I got home, I felt compelled to get 30 minutes in. Nearly twelve hours later than usual, I made it to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical.

I’m not sure how tomorrow’s training will go. Danny really stepped it up on Tuesday, and while I don’t hurt anywhere (knee, hip, heel) my quads are sore BIG TIME. Maybe we’ll concentrate on my core and/or upper body tomorrow. I sure hope so!











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