Week 10: Check!

I had my nutrition meeting with Traci today!

My goals for the coming week, Week 11 of my third twelve weeks:

  1. Get the vegetables up.
  2. Try  two new recipes.
  3. Get to the gym at 5 a.m. every week day. (That was my goal. I’m there at 5 a.m. two days a week, the days I train. The other days, I get there between 5 and 6 a.m., but it would help to get there at 5, get my cardio in and have an hour to do stuff when I get home.)

I weighed 167 today, up from 166.4 on Saturday. I’m not too concerned because even though the scale isn’t moving as quickly, I’m really starting to see some great results from training.

That being said, I have two weeks left in  this 12 weeks, and I’d love to hit the 65 lbs. lost milestone. For that, I need to lose a little over three lbs. in the next two weeks. Doable, and a good goal.

One Comment
  1. Very doable and achievable in the next two weeks. Focus on the goal and don’t think about the work you have to put in to get there… just do it! Sometimes the boost you need comes from trying an old exercise in a new way or even eating a new fruit or vegetable prepared a different way. You can do it!

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