Wednesday with Traci

Because I was working the polls from 6 a.m.until almost 8 p.m. yesterday, I rescheduled my regular Tuesday appointment with Traci the Nutritionist for today after work.

I got major props for working the plan while I was in Kansas City, but she says that I have to get more veggies in, especially green leafy ones.

Goals for This Week:

  • Increase volume of veggies. Suggestions: Add kale to soup. Make a “green” meatloaf. Try a leaf of something. Add veggies to omelet and/or pizza.
  • Cook the Quinoa/Sweet Potato/Mushroom recipe.
  • Do 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer three times this week.

So after our session, I did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and 15 on the elliptical! I also went to Publix and bought some veggies, including frozen, chopped spinach, which I added to some scrambled eggs this evening.

Oh, and I forgot the big thing. I told Traci that I was glad Sister had hidden the scales so I wouldn’t be disappointed if I hadn’t lost more weight. So she made me weigh on the scales there. I was hesitant, but finally got on them. And I’d lost a total of 18 lbs. Less than I’ve weighed in at least three years.

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