Wednesday with Traci (On Monday)

Yeah, since Wednesday started the long holiday weekend, I didn’t update my weekly goals from my Wednesday meeting with Traci:

  • Get in more beans
  • Add a 3rd strength training day, perhaps even at home
  • Continue doing two 15 minute sets on  the elliptical

Since I’m so close to Wednesday, I can give you an update:

  • Tonight, I am adding cannellini beans to my vegan tomato soup. I probably won’t be able to eat it because my throat is raw, but I’m adding beans!
  • I have not yet added that third strength training day, mostly because I was sick Friday through, well, now, really. I’ve been a sloth, no extra workouts Friday, Saturday, Sunday or today, also because I have bee sick. I am planning on getting back on track tomorrow, now that the gym is back open and I have a day’s worth of Levaquin under my belt.
  • Ditto for the elliptical workouts.

The way I see it, this is a lifestyle change, and getting sick is a part of life. No need to panic or beat up on myself. I was sick, I took time to heal and I’m getting back on track.

I weighed this a.m. and was down to 195 and some change, probably because my throat has hurt too bad to eat much at all.

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  1. mp….while daily & weekly activities & food matter, it's the overall picture that really matters, as you said. you have no reason to beat yourself up. or to panic. you're doing beautifully.

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