Two Weeks Traci-less? + Weekly Goals

Yikes! I just completed Week Six? Time flies!

At today’s meeting with Traci the Nutritionist, we talked about the fact that I had a “bad week” (my description). Bad allergies, traveling and haters had me generally feeling a little out of control. But despite that, my eating was decent. Yes, there were days that I should’ve eaten more, especially vegetables. But I didn’t make excuses and eat fast food, sweets or other traditional comfort foods. Traci explained that this past week was real life, and that seeing how well I handled it means that this is starting to be a lifestyle.

Traci will be on vacation next week, so it will be two weeks before we meet again, so I have these goals for the next two weeks:

  1. Don’t weigh until April 20. (And I should be in the 160s by then!!)
  2. Daniel will be adding interval training to my workouts – which will include short stints on the elliptical – so do just one day of ten minutes on elliptical both weeks. Ice heel – we’ll see if the increase in time aggravates it.
  3. When drinking green drink as a snack, don’t eat fruit with it; it already has fruit in it.
  4. Try a new bean dish.

Over and out!

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