Tuesday with Traci + New Goals for the Week

This morning was my meeting with Traci the Nutritionist, and it went quite well! I got more props than not: reducing animal products, trying a new vegetable, cooking at home. The only constructive suggestion I received was to perhaps mix up my evening snack, maybe a fruit and veggie once in a while instead of always cereal.

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Cook my Chayote squash 
  2. Keep moving, safely (set some guidelines for “pushing it” on the recumbent bike per my knee and hip)
  3. Increase veggies

    Already working on number three, I stopped at Kroger on the way in for some broccolini, which I really liked in Washington, DC.

    On a related note, I am Queen of the Grocery Stores these days! For those of you who do Foursquare, I’m “mayor” of two and soon to be elected at Publix. My visits aren’t as many as when I started a month ago, but pretty darn close!

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