Tuesday with Traci

Back on post-Election Day schedule, so it’s back to Tuesday with Traci!

Good session, as always! This morning, I was especially excited to share the news that I was wearing a ring that I hadn’t been able to wear in at least a year, probably longer. (Little successes like that just make my day!)

My goals for the coming week:

  • Drink my “green drink” every day.
  • Do twenty minutes on the elliptical trainer – with at least six of those being at level three – at least twice.
  • Clean my closet. (It’s been hanging over me for weeks!)
  • Have fun – no new recipes to try, no new foods to buy!

Sounds easy enough, huh? (Oh, except for that six minutes at level three. I did get about four in at that level this a.m. though, so it may not be so hard…)

Unrelated to my morning meeting, I wore a new (and yes, smaller) dress today. It’s the first time I’ve felt liked I really looked good in a while. I won’t be doing pictures until the end of the twelve weeks, and it’s useless to try to really describe the dress, but it was sassy and feminine at the same time. I enjoyed wearing it.

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