Tomorrow: Entering the Danger Zone!

Tomorrow I start my third 12 weeks at Doctors Wellness Center, aka the “Danger Zone.”

Paul calls it the Danger Zone because weight loss often slows down, frustrating people to the point of giving up. I told him this morning that I was not only ready for the Danger Zone, but also that I was going to thrive in it.

I know that I will need to step up my game and shake things up, and with that in mind, I’ve already set a few new mini goals for this 12 weeks:

  1. I’m giving up drive-throughs to give me a few more steps each week. I’ve already given up fast food drive-throughs, but starting today, I’m parking and walking in to the bank, dry cleaners, Walgreens pharmacy, etc. It’s also more environmentally-friendly, not idling the car in the drive through, so it packs a double whammy.
  2. I just started a new No Fizz Charlotte water drinking challenge. I’m only drinking water now, along with my green drink, but I’m not always getting the requisite eight glasses per day.
  3. Related to the water challenge, I’m also cutting back to one cup of coffee per day, and I’m drinking it in the morning before I leave for work. If I’m sipping on anything at my desk in the morning, it needs to be water.
  4. I’m going to weigh-in ONLY on Wednesdays. So I won’t get obsessed with he number on the scales. This will be quite a challenge for me, for sure.

I’m hoping these mini goals – along with other MANY goals I set with Traci – will successfully see me through this pivotal 12 weeks.

More after my nutrition meeting with Traci tomorrow!

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