Today’s Weight and Goals for Week Nine

Traci is back – YAY!

I weighed today, and I was down to 169.8, 59 lbs. lost! I was hoping to hit 60 lbs. lost today, but at least I broke out of the 170s, only if by a little.

In reviewing my food  journals from the last two weeks, Traci’s main comment was that I had not eaten enough, and I knew that. It’s not that I was trying to eat less to lose weight, but that it was just crazy busy. With April bringing both Earth Day and the beginning of Spring, I generally have more presentations, more meetings, more evening and weekend events. It’s a little harder for me to plan, but that being said, I did well under the circumstances.

My goals for the coming week:

  1. Increase volume of food that I am eating
  2. Try romaine wrapped around sweet potato burger and with ensalada
  3. Progress exercise to more moderate intensity (I stepped back a couple of weeks ago after having hip and foot pain in Charleston due to walking too long on the beach)
  4. Add two new stretches to my post-exercise routine (she gave me two new ones)
  5. Make and freeze a new dish to give me a second choice when I come home tired.

Today, our deputy public works director and I went to Doctors Wellness Center for an interview with a reporter from the Columbia Star. We just answered questions about our participation in the program, and the reporter got pictures of us working out.

It’s hard to believe that eight weeks has already passed! I’m looking forward to a successful last month!

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