Today’s Green Leafy Adventure!

Pan-Toasted Sweet Corn with Wilted Chard and Black Beans

Here’s how it looks on Whole Foods website:

Here’s mine:

I had an issue, surprise! It calls for one bunch of chard. I had to go three places to find it, and apparently my bunch was a small one. I wasn’t able to use all of the fresh corn and black beans or it would’ve way overpowered the chard. Otherwise, this wasn’t bad; I loved the pepitas, too!

I served this with cherry pork loin, and that is all. (Traci, no rice or starchy veggies, though the corn is starchy, I know.) I am really cutting back on meat, but needed to finish up the pork loin, so there you go. And, I ate all of the serving I put on my plate!

Sister isn’t home yet, but usually, she likes my food more than I do. So if I like it, she’ll probably love it.

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