To Weigh or Not to Weigh? That is the Question!

This 12-weeks, I am trying not to weigh every day. My plan is to weigh only on Wednesdays, the day of my nutrition meetings with Traci. That way, I can report my results to her.

Four days into this “Weigh In Wednesday” plan, I’ve already been tempted. I usually weigh every day. Always have. So I’m having to break a habit.

The primary reason I don’t want to weigh every day is because I tend to get a little obsessive. I’m giving this nearly everything I have, and if the scales don’t move down – or heaven forbid move up, even tenths of a pound – I get frustrated. And frustrated isn’t good.

I also find that not weighing every day keeps me a bit more motivated. I can re-direct the energy spent on monitoring the daily numbers to what it takes to see a real loss.

Finally, seeing even just a one lb. loss once a week is better than watching that same lb. come off two-tenths a lb. per day.

Experts vary on the weigh in dilemma. Daily weigh-in proponents cite a study that found daily weighers lost more weight over a two year period than the people who only weighed themselves once a week. Weekly weigh-in proponents say weighing daily can lead to an unhealthy obsession with the scale and perhaps even lead to eating disorders.

Here are some pros and cons of daily weigh-ins:


  • Can help you stay motivated
  • Can be a daily reminder to stay on the diet and stay focused with losing weight
  • Can quickly show you when you are getting off your diet
  • Makes you more accountable to yourself


  • Can lead to frustration and discouragement because of fluctuations in weight that can occur on a daily, even hourly basis
  • Makes it hard to see progress on a daily basis if you don’t have a digital scale

Which camp are you in? Are you a daily weigher? Why or why not?

One comment to “To Weigh or Not to Weigh? That is the Question!”
  1. Only being 42 days into healthy eating (as I prefer to call it), I admit to being weigh in obsessive. Not much loss showed but I could see myself physically shrinking and I was in a different size clothing in just three weeks. Baffled by the non moving scale, I stopped weighing and just went with what I could feel and see. I stepped on yesterday and boom, there I was 12 pounds down from my beginning weight! So, I’m going to refrain and try to just do a weekly weigh in as well.

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