There’s an App for That!

When I first started this program, I lamented about not being able to find an iPhone app to log my meals and exercise. I needed something very basic, and every app out there was just more than I needed in a log.

In an effort to simplify my life, I again started a quest for an app. I just want to record everything on my iPhone instead of having to carry extra papers.

After much searching, I found an app that will allow me to create a customized form, so today, I was able to create a LEAN form for the iPhone. Beth is going to help me set up a template so I can merge the info and print out a weekly report for Traci, who will hopefully be ok with this new way of doing things.

I’m excited to finally have this, and while it took a while this morning, it was time well spent.

FYI, the app is Tap Forms, and it’s available at App Store!

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  1. Have you tried the Lose it! app? Enters your food diray, excercise program and your goals. Today show featured it a couple of months ago.

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