The Tale of the Scale (@#$%!!)

Popped up this morning at dark o’thirty for Thursday training, but before I grabbed a quick breakfast and headed out, I made the mistake of weighing.

After a pretty fine seven days, my weight was right where it was seven days ago.

Seriously?! 11_broken_scales

And what did I do? Fixed breakfast, texted my trainer and went straight back to bed. Gasp! I did; I really did.

I’ve gotten pretty good about not weighing every day and when I do, not letting the numbers throw me off. I know that weight fluctuates, and that tomorrow, I could be three lbs. lighter. So how in the world did I let a stupid scales throw me off my game this morning?

The good news? I packed my gym bag for an evening workout. And I didn’t mess up further by throwing all caution to the wind and eating something crazy.

How to you handle scale disappointments? What works best for you when the numbers on the scale won’t move?

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