The Results Are In

Today, I finished my sixth twelve-week session at Doctors Wellness Center. The last day is assessment day, and I got some exciting results. I have been so emotional about this today, on so many levels, and I definitely need to do a longer post. But it is late (for me), and tomorrow’s alarm goes off at 4:24 a.m. for strength training. Plus, I’m both shocked and overwhelmed. I need to let these sink in!

  September 7, 2010 March 7, 2012
Heart Rate* 96 69
Blood Pressure 135/87 112/78
Weight 229 138.6
BMI** 40.6 24.6
Waist 45 32
Hips 51 39
Body Fat %*** 47 22
Dress Size**** 20/22 6/8

*Resting heart rate: Decreased 27 points. It is healthy to keep resting heart rates low, as higher values can increase the risk of heart diseases. A high resting heart rate means that your heart is doing a lot of work to keep you alive.

**BMI: Went from Class II Obese to Normal.

***Body Fat Percentage: I was most surprised at how this had changed.  My classification went from the classification of “obese” to “fitness.” And the low end of fitness, at that. (The next classification down is “Athlete,” tee hee!)

****Traci wasn’t monitoring that one! I added it for kicks!


  1. Huge high fives for you, Mary Pat – that is phenomenal! I’m speechless! Hey want to share this link that my son’s ex-girlfriend sent me. She is working on her doctorate (August 2013 is the big date) in clinical psychology and has been studying obesity and behavioral therapy. Anyway this link is a ~9 min presentation that could hit home for some folks very quickly and i know you have a large audience. Take a look at it first to see for yourself.

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