The Little Cat That Could…

This is Bagheera, aka Baghi, our new cat. We lost our sweet Duchess to cancer in late September, and adopted Baghi pretty soon afterwards, mostly for the sanity of our other cat, Pikachu.

I will have a lot of things to share about Baghi in time, but today, I will tell you what amazing feat she has accomplished: I am putting away the scales.

For over a year, my nutrition counselor Traci has been trying to get me to put away the scales. Especially early on in my journey, I was a slave to the scales, weighing every day, sometimes twice a day. If the scales went down, I was happy; if not, I was grouchy. I worried a lot about the number on the scales and made myself a little crazy at times. too.

Today, Traci asked my weight. She was shocked (pleasantly so, though) when I told her that I didn’t know – that I was putting away the scales.

Enter Bagheera, who recently started having issues with the litter box. Instead of using it, she’d use anything except it, including clothes, plastic bags, even the dog bed. After some experimentation, we found that she would use a litter box in the bathroom. (I guess that’s a natural place, really!) The best place in the bathroom for her (and for us) is the corner that houses (or used to house) the scales!

So you see, Baghi did in a week what Traci couldn’t do in a year, and what I thought I could never do: put away the scales.

The little cat that could…

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