Thank You Thursday x Two

It’s Thank You Thursday! And today, it’s two for the price of one!  A couple of weeks ago, I missed a Thank You Thursday, and since I have two thank yous in the queue, I decided to go with both today!

The first thank you is to John Gibson, a member at Eastminster Presbyterian Church, where Mom works. His Myrtle Beach condo was empty the week of Memorial Day, and he offered it to Mom. We all enjoyed a much-needed beach getaway.

Dear John:

Since my father died six months ago, I’m afraid my mother hasn’t had a lot of bright moments. That changed this week, though, the moment she stuck her feet in the surf. Mom grew up in Virginia Beach and actually met Dad there, too. They always enjoyed time at the beach, but weren’t able to enjoy it during Dad’s illness. While it was somewhat bittersweet to be there without Dad this week, it was a blessing for Mom, my sister and I to take such a delightful break at the beach. Thank you for generously sharing your charming condo with the Baldauf Women; you’ll never know how much we enjoyed it and what it meant to us.

Sincerely, Mary Pat Baldauf

And today’s second thank you is to Publix at Trenholm Plaza. I had a great interaction with a clerk, and I wanted to be sure that she and her manager knew how much I appreciated it.

Dear Chip:

As a sustainability educator who always reminds people to “bring their own bags,” I have a problem practicing what I preach. The spirit is willing, but the flesh — or in my case, the mind — is weak; I just can’t seem to remember. On Sunday, I was in TeAnana’s check out line and spied a “mini Publix reusable bag key ring” on her name tag and fell in love with it. When I commented on it, she took it off her name badge and gave it to me. Great customer service like this is the main reason I shop at Publix, hopefully the next time I shop with you, I’ll have my reusable bags with me, thanks to TeAnana. Please give her a big pat on the back for me, and keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Mary Pat Baldauf

Has someone shown you a generous kindness this week? Brightened your spirits on an otherwise rough day? Send a thank you, and share your story here!

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