Thank You Thursday #3

This week’s Thursday Thank You was an easy one. I just completed my wellness assessment at Doctors Wellness Center and couldn’t wait to thank the two people who helped me first, City Manager Steve Gantt and City Councilman Daniel Rickenmann.

The Hon. Daniel Rickenmann
Mr. Steve Gantt
City of Columbia
Post Office Box 147
Columbia, SC 29217

Dear Councilman Rickenmann and Mr. Gantt:

For Lent, I’ve embarked on “Thank You Thursday,” where I send a thank you to someone who quietly makes my life or life in the community better. Today, I would like to thank both of you for piloting the wellness program with Doctors Wellness Center and continuing your commitment to the health of City employees.

When I came to work for the City just over three years ago, I weighed in at 230 lbs. I looked bad and felt worse. Yet because I’d been overweight for so long, I wasn’t hopeful that I could ever change. The day I was selected to participate in the City’s program with Doctors Wellness Center was the day that changed my life.

After completing the initial twelve weeks via the City’s program, I continued to work with Doctors Wellness Center on my own for another five twelve-week sessions. I’ve worked hard and had some great results, but had it not been for the City’s program, I would’ve never taken that initial step.

Yesterday I completed my final 12-week assessment and am thrilled to share my results with you.

  September 7, 2010 March 7, 2012
Heart Rate 96 69
Blood Pressure 135/87 112/78
Weight 229 138.6
BMI 40.6 24.6
Waist 45 32
Hips 51 39
Body Fat % 47 22
Dress Size 20/22 6/8

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the program and for continuing to look for ways for employees to better their health. You’ve literally been a lifesaver!


Mary Pat Baldauf




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