Thank You Thursday #2

A little late. I was out of town on Thursday,and then came down with the stomach bug going around.

Mr. Mike Burnette
Burnette’s Cleaners
5213 North Trenholm Road
Columbia, South Carolina 29206-4801

Dear Mike:

It’s Mary Pat, a semi-regular from Starbucks, though I haven’t been by lately. For Lent, I’ve embarked on “Thank You Thursday,” where I send a thank you to someone who quietly makes my life or life in the community better. Today, I would like to thank the entire staff at your North Trenholm location for the consistently wonderful service they provide.

Before I moved to Forest Acres, I was never loyal to a dry cleaning establishment, but that changed once I found Burnette’s by City Hall. The location is good, the cleaning is great, but most importantly, your staff rocks. It doesn’t matter whether I go early on a weekday morning or late afternoon on Saturday, I’m always greeted with a smile and nice conversation.

The morning crew, who I see most often, has also given me incredible support over the last 18 months as I’ve undertaken a major lifestyle change to improve my health. There were mornings I came from the gym so sweaty and tired that I’d wonder if I’d make it home. A sincere “keep up the good work” or “you look great” from one of your folks would always turn the morning around – it was priceless!

Please convey my thanks to your staff for a job well-done, and I hope to see you over coffee soon.


Mary Pat Baldauf


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