Thank You Thursday

I missed the last couple of Thursdays, but I’m back and as thankful as ever! 

Today, I’m picking up where I left off with big thank you to Michael Sponhour. I first met Michael when he was a reporter at The State, picked up with him again when he started dating a friend who eventually became his wife and finally reconnected with him when he became Public Affairs Director for the SC Budget and Control Board.

It was SC’s loss when Michael and his family moved to Ohio in 2011 so he could take the position of Executive Director of Communications and Outreach for the Ohio Department of Education. Business communicators and public relations folks also took a hit when Michael left as he had become quite involved in the profession. He was a champion for good communications and doing things right, and one of the things he did right was to manage a SC Public Professionals Linked In account, over 500 members strong. I visited the site a few days ago and was surprised to see that Michael was still managing the account, more than a year after leaving South Carolina. I thought that deserved a BIG thank you:

Dear Michael:

I visited the SC Public Relations Professionals Linked In account recently, and I was surprised to see that you’re still managing it, all the way from Ohio! I was excited to see all of the discussions, networking and other activity happening on the site, and I’ll be visiting a lot more often now.

If you’re still managing the account so well more than a year after leaving the Palmetto State, you deserve a big thank you. Your love for both South Carolina and the public relations profession is evident, and I’m glad to know that we haven’t completely lost you. I hope your activity means that The Sponhours may find their way back to South Carolina one day, but until then, I really appreciate your dedication.

Please be sure to give lots of South Carolina love to Laura and the boys! The Midlands is a better place for having had you in the community for so long, and we miss all of you!


Mary Pat Baldauf



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