Strengthening My Self-Image One Step at a Time

After working for the past four years to improve my health by eating clean, working out and losing weight, I’ve shifted my focus a bit. I’m still working on those issues – I suppose I always will be – but I’ve also taken aim at a new challenge. My nutrition counselor refers to as “gettin’ your head right,” and while it consists of several issues, I lump it all under “self-image.”

I grew up overweight, and I’ve been overweight a good part of my adult life. I’ve always seen myself as the “fat girl,” and even though I’ve lost close to 100 lbs. now, I often still feel like that “fat girl.” It’s bringing me down and it’s holding me back, and I’ve just got to shake that mentality. It’s a tough gig, and I know it won’t happen overnight, but I’m finally starting to make a little progress.

This afternoon, I heard a co-worker say something to another as I walked by. I innocently asked if everything was okay. Turns out she’d been telling the co-worker how strong my calves were and that she wished her calves looked like mine. It caught me off guard because when I see my calves – you guessed it – I see dimples, not muscle. As I thanked her for the compliment, I even teared up a little.

I decided to share the moment on Twitter. I quickly typed I just teared up a little (in a good way) when I overheard a co-worker tell another how strong my calves looked today. And when it came to a hashtag, I automatically typed #formerfatgirl. But then I reconsidered. Yeah, I was overweight before, there’s no denying that. But identifying myself as a “former fat girl” just seemed too negative. So I simply used #nonscalevictories. (Truly, it was a non-scale victory inside of another non-scale victory, but that would’ve made for a long hashtag!)

It was a small step on my journey to a healthier self-image, but it happened rather randomly and automatically. Could it be that maybe something is finally starting to stick in this stubborn head of mine?  (Fingers crossed!)

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