Stove-Top Sunday, Recipe 1: Turkey Burgers

I’m got a later start than planned, but just completed my first dish of the day: “Now You’re Talking Turkey Burgers” from The Sneaky Chef.

They are “sneaky” because they contain oat bran and white beans, and they were pretty good. I made six patties. Beth and I each had one for lunch, on a whole wheat sandwich thin, along with green peas. The other four, I cooked and have in the ‘fridge to use for lunch and/or dinner this week.

This recipe was a milestone for me as I have very bad memories associated with white beans.When I was about four or five, I stayed in a home day care run by a Mrs. Suits. She had a big round table that we sat around for lunch. One day, she was feeding us white beans for lunch, and I vomited them up, right back in the bowl. I distinctly remember walking up to her and handing her the bowl, thinking that the white bean vomit really didn’t look much different from the white beans she was serving. And until recently, I hadn’t eaten them again since then.  So Traci, if you’re reading this, don’t ever think that you aren’t making a difference in my life; I went 40 years without eating white beans after that experience with Mrs. Suits, but I’m eating them now!

While I was in the kitchen, I also made three quarts of “green drink,” comprised of kale, green apples and strawberries. I’m now drinking 20 ounces a day, and if I don’t make it ahead of time, I’m always pushed to make more.

Next up: Butternut Tomato Soup. This is a real stretch, as it includes shallots and celery. And I’ll also be using my new immersion blender – thanks to Erin Poole for the tip! (Hopefully there will be no more tomato soup blender explosions!)

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