Something I Need to Remember

stealandshare4mar11I’m in the throes of coordinating a green business conference right now, and things can get a little stressful. But today, I experienced an AHA! moment that I want to document so the next time I stress, I can remember it and chill out a litle.

One session, in particular, just hasn’t worked out like I planned. One presenter that was key to the session wouldn’t commit, and I found myself stressed about pulling it off. Quite by mistake, I encountered a website that featured a great alternative, one that was actually better suited than my original ask. I contacted the organization this morning and locked in the perfect presenter. It was a high five, fist pump moment. I even let out an audible “YAY” when I received the confirmation.

It occurred to me that if my so-called perfect “Plan A” had worked out two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have scored the even better “Plan B” this morning. I’ve stressed the past couple of weeks, yet things fell into place beautifully.

I know there’s a quotation out there that sums it up more articulately, and when I find it, I’ll share it. But for now, I’m thankful for the lesson and I’m going to stress a little less this evening.

Update: I found the perfect quote, and I love that it’s from Marilyn Monroe!

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