Smooth Operator and Other Fun Today

I took today off, and it was a delightful day! I slept late, ran a few errands and worked out. I also bought groceries at three different grocery stores. When you have plenty of time, it’s not a big deal to go to three stores. I got non-perishables at Wal-Mart, fruit at Fresh Market and the rest at Publix. I have a few really good finds as a result.

Smooth Operator natural peanut butter to go. It’s in a plastic pouch about the size of my iPhone. What’s so great about this? I’ve learned from Traci the Nutritionist that a natural peanut butter sandwich is a great back up when there’s nothing else to eat. When I was in Washington, I found a store and bought peanut butter and whole wheat bread and kept a sammie with me in case a meal didn’t suffice. I’m traveling again later this month, and these will be great to take with me. Imagine my surprise when I also saw the TerraCycle logo on the back of the pouch! They collect these for “upcycing.” Very cool.

At Fresh Market, I got those huge Honey Crisp apples and delish Holiday grapes, but also found whole wheat orzo. I have a great black bean soup recipe that calls for orzo, and since I’ve changed to whole wheat pasta, I’ve not used orzo. But now I can! Yay!

In between grocery stores, I also got a great workout – 45 minutes on a recumbent bike. I didn’t even have to fight for the good one!

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