She Was Probably Just Trying to Make Conversation, But…

…the girl who checked me out at Wal-Mart got on my last good nerve!

When she rang up the tofu, she asked if it was meat. When I tried to explain to her what tofu was, she said, “Hmph! What made you pick THAT up?” Uh, because I eat it?!

Later, she rang up the fresh pineapple spears that I bought and announced that I would’ve done better just getting a whole pineapple and cutting it myself, that it was a lot cheaper. (I think she was channeling Gramma on that one!) I explained that I was paying for the convenience of having someone else do that until I afford a personal kitchen assistant!

It’s a lot easier to shop at Publix, but for basics, Wal-Mart sure saves the money! You just pay for it with mouthy clerks! LOL!

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