September 2016 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Even though they were on sale for $1 each, I resisted buying my favorite Chobani Flip (peachy pistachio) because it has too much sugar. (The chocolate chunks, no doubt!)
  2. When the City closed for Hermine, I shut down and left. I didn’t even try to offer myself as an “essential” employee, but instead went home and enjoyed a few quiet hours. Unexpected bliss.
  3. Slowly getting back into cooking again. This morning, I made a fresh batch of taco soup; yesterday tried pecan crusted tofu, which will have a place on my regular rotation.
  4. Planned a treat during Willy Wonka, and didn’t fall off the wagon. Let myself get five little pieces of candy from Mast after the movie. Delish plus it was fun picking my favorite five.
  5. Instead of going for coffee, met a friend for a walk in the neighborhood. Even did Atascadero hill. Slowly. And in between stops. Even got sweaty (got sweaty pulling weeds beforehand, actually).
  6. Finally feel like I’m getting stronger at the gym.
  7. Beth woke up at 3:45 a.m. and said there was no noise coming from my room. Hopeful that is a good sign about the Botox and my breathing.
  8. Hit 5k steps for the third day in a row. Also did five “soccer rollback kicks,” including one with my left foot.
  9. Resisted great temptation today, including division head meeting chocolate and Menchie’s.
  10. Went to a funny play with a friend. Also visited her new house and ate dinner there.
  11. At the zucchini from my Zoe’s salmon kabob, and I actually enjoyed it.
  12. Twice last week “hollered” down the hall and across the gym, and was heard okay both times.
  13. Delivered leftover JNF food and tea to ICU Waiting Room so I wouldn’t be tempted by them.
  14. Ate a couple of mini cupcakes without resorting to the usual mindset of “I’ve blown it, now let’s see what else I can eat today.”
  15. Took leftover mini cupcakes to the office to share.
  16. Walked at the river tonight. Even walked Moon Pie. Good exercise for steps AND for my balance issues.
  17. Started using MyFitnessPal again to track my eating.
  18. Went to a knitting class where I knew no one, all alone.
  19. Had a really good workout. Two minutes on the elliptical, walked the line with nearly impeccable balance, visit marked my sixth week in a row.
  20. Did a good interview for aneurysm awareness month.
  21. Took a river nature walk and use the rocks for balance exercises.
  22. Did one of my harder post-aneurysm work outs today and did fine!
  23. Sat down on the beach and got back up without having a hand up. Three times during the weekend. Def getting my strength back.
  24. Walked 10,000 steps.
  25. Did some balance on the beach.
  26. After a very full weekend, late return home and later than usual wake up, made it in to work with time to spare.
  27. Seven weeks in a row at the gym
  28. 21 minutes on the treadmill, most at 2.2 mph.
  29. During a stressful day at work, really wanted to make my way to the canteen for something sweet or salty. Ate an apple instead.
  30. My picture made it up on the Pathways “Wall of Fame.” 🙂