Saving Orphans!

This week, Traci asked me – as she does every week – what I’m going to work on this week. Besides working out and eating healthy, I always identify something I want to work out. (As if the food and working out weren’t enough, LOL!)

This week, I’m working on my closet: switching out summer for winter clothes, donating clothes that are too big, washing until everything is clean, etc. But as I’ve started this huge task, I’ve found another issue: orphan socks! I have a crazy number of single socks. So between now and December-ish, I’m throwing every orphan sock I find into a box – which I’ve already set up – and sorting them. Any singles that remain at the end – they’re gone!

I’ve already matched a few pair by accident, so I’m hoping this matchmaking project is a success. But no matter what, I’ll be done with single socks floating around. (For a while anyway!)

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