Running Behind on 5K Training

A while back, I announced that I wanted to run a 5K in February and started a “Couch to 5K” program. I had completed several days of training and even felt like I was finding my groove when I started to experience some aches and pains. Since I was leaving for a week in New York City, I decided to put everything on hold until after the trip and then re-evaluate.

I was basically have some knee pain (I have had several dislocations and surgery on my right knee), the beginnings of plantar fasciitis (which I’m convinced never totally goes away once you’ve had it) and some strange sensations in my lower back. I talked to my trainers about it, one of whom said that those were classic issues related with the pounding of running and the other who said to stop training for the 5K until they resolved themselves.

I really want to run a 5K and I was enjoying training for it, but neither so much that I want to hurt on a regular basis. I’m still undecided on if and/or how I will proceed, BUT, I am going to register for the St. Lawrence Place Race for the Place 5K. I figure I can walk it with some friends, support a great cause and get some good cardio for that day!

If you’re in the Midlands area, please consider joining me for the Race for the Place!

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