Revente’s Last Call: A Great Find!

Losing weight? Where do you find great in between/transitional clothes without breaking the bank? And what do you with the ones that are now too big?

Yesterday, I stopped by Revente’s Last Call, a great resale shop whose proceeds (100%) benefit The Women’s Shelter. (Last month alone, they donated $4900 to the Shelter!)

I stopped by one day during lunch, but didn’t have much time, so¬† I went back today. They have some good stuff and great prices. For less than $50, I bought a pair of black dress shirts, a cute pink and white polka dot top, and a fab pair of Audrey Hepburn black slacks – all in size 14, by the way. (The pants were a tiny snug, but at that price, I can afford to wait until I lose a few more lbs.)

It’s a great place to get some transitional clothes, and they also encourage donations of gently used clothes¬† – they’ll even give you a receipt for tax purposes. I think I might start taking my too-big clothes there instead of the drop-off at The Pig.

It’s located at 3015 Millwood, close to another favorite place: The Mad Platter. It’s behind that octagon building that used to be a florist shop, an also behind Groomingdale’s, which is on Butler Street. A little tricky to find the first time; just be on the lookout!


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