Pre-Tuesday with Traci Update

It turned out to be a good week!

  • I tried adding veggies many ways: spinach in soup, carrots with pineapple, roasted broccoli, veggie scrambled eggs and another veggie pizza. 
  • I did the elliptical two times for fifteen minutes. I was supposed to do three, but I missed Saturday at the gym because it was open ’til 2 p.m. when it actually closed at one. That, and I have one day less in the week as we met Wednesday of last week.
  • I didn’t make the quinoa recipe she gave me because it was chock full of mushrooms, and I found out Wednesday night that I do NOT like mushrooms.

But despite my shortcomings, I tried the green drink AND started drinking four ounces twice a day starting Saturday. As Beth said a few minutes ago, that should count for a lot! LOL!

So, we’ll see how tomorrow goes, but I chalk it up to be a good week.

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