October 2017 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Completed budget and DR reading
  2. 60 weeks in a row at the gym
  3. Found DR on radio
  4. Changed target steps to 7000, first increase since leaving Shepherd. Shooting to hit that number four days a week for a month before bumping it up again. Still trying to get back to 10,000.
  5. Walked Soda City route to check signs today.
  6. Had fruit and yogurt for lunch, a make do option instead of Chick-Fil-A or another quick stop place. Got it at Blue Flour, and also resisted cookies while I was in line.
  7. 7,000 steps four days this week.
  8. Used cash for groceries today (FPU/Ramsey.)
  9. Participating in FitBit challenges again.
  10. 61st week in a row at the gym
  11. Resisted ice cream in a big way, especially hard after a work disappointment.
  12. Still dealing with disappointment, resisted a Walgreen’s stop and splurge.
  13. Got fruit at Drip breakfast with Andy Shain, though I  was eyeing those muffins.
  14. Didn’t come in dead last in the FitBit Work Week Challenge. (I think I was third or fourth, but the victory was in trying. I haven’t been doing many group challenges in the last couple of years.)
  15. Something unexpectedly threw me off guard, and while I ruminated over it a bit, I was able to let it go without trying to have the last word. I took it personally at first, too, but was able to turn it around.
  16. 62nd week in a row at the gym.
  17. Cleared clutter, donated to benefit yard sale
  18. Hair cut and silver(!) glaze, one step closer to new hair goals.
  19. Great JNF meeting/speaker.
  20. Did interview for Shepherd Center
  21.  Split “less than healthy, but yummy” lunch with Sister.
  22. Did a corn maze, hit rare Saturday step goal.
  23. Went to Gervais Street Bridge Dinner and drank wine in the rain.
  24. 63rd straight week at the gym.
  25. Great workout tonight; trainer finally bumping up the level of my workout. Getting stronger every day.
  26. Learning to do what I have to do to focus at work, even if it means closing the door.
  27. Went to #DTV2 even though I knew it would be hard for me to communicate in such a loud environment. Passed on both alcohol and cake while I was there, too..
  28. Exhausted, but made it to the gym for Friday cardio and exceeded my daily step goal.
  29. Used Sister and Mom as guinea pigs for a new dinner dish — and got two thumbs up.
  30. 64 weeks in a row at the gym.
  31. Ate no candy on Halloween.