October 2016 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Soctober-heartsat on the low stool by the cat food, and was able to get up by myself, without having to call Sister for a steadying hand. This is a relatively new thing that has come with my increased strength.
  2. Didn’t have to use the bath grip to get out of the tub tonight.
  3. Have an extremely busy week, and considered buying my yogurts or cereal for breakfast, but have decided to get back on the clean eating track this week. Instead of buying processed and ready-made, I made individual containers of overnight oats. Quick, easy and ready.
  4. Eight weeks in a row at the gym!
  5. We ended up having to postpone the Green Business Conference due to the threat of Hurricane Matthew, and I didn’t have a meltdown.
  6. Jarrett added shrugs back to my workout today – first time since before the aneurysm – and we used two 10 lbs. weights. Heaviest free weights I’ve used in a while.
  7. Wore a costume to the Knights of Honor event.
  8. Enjoyed Sunday away from home from 11 a.m. church to birthday dinner at the Elliotts to shopping for “fat pants,” then ending the evening at the 6 p.m. LA event, all without getting too exhausted.
  9. Been at the gym nine weeks in a row.
  10. Walked 15 minutes on the treadmill, 5 without holding on to the sides or the handles.
  11. Dr. Graham said, thanks to the coil, my aneurysm is gone. (I think disappeared is the word he used…)
  12. Resisted buying two really cute dog Halloween costumes, and instead will put that money toward a bill or savings.
  13. Made myself stay home from the gym so my suture could continue to heal.
  14. Finally treated myself to some new clothes, basic pieces in larger sizes so I’d look better and hopefully feel better, too. And have fewer stressful mornings, too.
  15. Was reminded how blessed I am when I ran into Miss Charlotte at Dillards. I looked horrible, but she was so genuinely happy to see me up, out and healthy that she didn’t even notice or care. I have such fabulous support system.
  16. Let go of my “should haves” and enjoyed a thoughtful day in my room, even had some blog-therapy. The house is still a wreck, but I feel better.
  17. Did great “on my own” over the weekend with Beth and Mom out of town. Got a little lonely and probably tried to do too much, but otherwise okay.
  18. Once again doing Meatless Monday.
  19. Back on MyFitnessPal, but trying to be a little less OCD about it this time.
  20. Resisted a cinnamon bun that a co-worker offered me. (It was a good bakery one, not a Little Debbie.)
  21. Best haircut and color, ever.
  22. Gervais Street Bridge Dinner.
  23. Tried a new recipe tonight, one full of green veggies. And it was great! Also did Meatless Monday.
  24. 11 weeks in a row at the gym.
  25. Went to the gym for cardio. Tried to take a night off, but just felt compelled to get in my steps.
  26. Resisted purchasing the season’s first Ghiradeli Peppermint Bark, even though it was in a cute little bag. (Strength, people. That is strength!)
  27. Took grapes to the APWA lunch so I wouldn’t be tempted by the chips and cookie in the boxed lunch. And I did indeed resist them.
  28. As I work up to 10,000 steps, set a 6,000 step mini goal and made it.
  29. Took a road trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and had many NSVs: drove all the way up, walked nearly 10,000 steps with no breathing issues, ate healthy and walked the kid’s rope bridge, with kids on either side jumping up and down.
  30. 12 weeks in a row at the gym.
  31. No candy on Halloween.