October 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. I saw a group picture taken a few weeks ago, and even though I’m up a little from my lowest weight, I still didn’t recognize myself at first. The way I see me and the way I look in photos are two different animals.
  2. Resisted fattening cocktail party food.
  3. Survived a very bad day without a splurge.
  4. Helped cook breakfast of hash browns, bacon, sausage, grits, pancakes and eggs for 500+ people and didn’t sneak even one nibble.
  5. 15,000+ steps.
  6. 15 days in a row of using MyFitnessPal, even on the days that aren’t quite perfect.
  7. Splurged a little, but recorded it all on MyFitnessPal. It really helps a small splurge from becoming a wipe out.
  8. Overslept, but didn’t use it as an excuse to miss strength training. Got up and went anyway; worked out with time left over to stretch.
  9. Looking at t-shirts at an event, the large looked very small, but I got it. And it fit.
  10. Noticed this a.m. that my workout pants are fitting a little better in the stomach.
  11. No fewer than four people have commented on my “weight loss” this week, although the scale has not moved. Something good is happening, though.
  12. Made a new soup recipe today and added chopped zucchini.
  13. When buying groceries this weekend, I didn’t even go down the ice cream aisle. I’m finding it easier to indulge any ice cream cravings by splurging on a single serve at Baskin Robbins rather than buy large container to keep at home.
  14. I had lunch plans for today, but took a lunch just in case. I figured I could always keep it for later in the week. My lunch meeting was canceled, but I didn’t have to scramble since I’d brought a healthy lunch.
  15. Yesterday, I felt stronger and better during and after my strength training that I have since I had to take some time out of the gym in early August. It was a great feeling.
  16. Semi-voluntarily added 15 lbs. to the sled this a.m.
  17. Carried a 10-lb. bar while “sledding” today; still using the heavier sled weight, too.
  18. Trainer increased weight on bench press today, and while I had to channel my “inner Rick Baldauf,” I did it!
  19. Resisted a McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone in lieu of a frozen Banana Spice Smoothie I had back at the office. (And it was at least 10 times more filling, healthier and tastier!)
  20. This
  21. Someone who doesn’t know that DWC is a gym tweeted get well wishes to me since I’d checked in at the doctor’s office so much this week. That’s a great sign that my workouts are becoming more regular!
  22. After taking my pre-donation blood pressure, the Red Cross guy said,”80 over 60. That’s the lowest I’ve seen. Do you work out?”
  23. Resisted buying ice cream twice today.
  24. Resisted even a bite of a fried Oreo at the State Fair. My only purchase? A bottled water.
  25. Four weekdays in a row at 10,000+ steps!
  26. Did not treat myself to that ice cream cone that I thought about this afternoon.
  27. My battle ropes are looking a lot better.
  28. Worked out every weekday morning last week.
  29. More than a month after my birthday, I still have an unopened package of mini Special Dark candy bars that someone gave me.
  30. Have complete MyFitnessPal food and exercise diary every day for over 35 days now.
  31. My “sisters” ring keeps falling off.

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