November 2015 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Walked along the surf without experiencing the dizziness I experienced the last time I was at the beach. Seeing improvement with my balance/vestibular system, finally!
  2. Resisted biscuits and gravy at breakfast.
  3. Planned out APWA-SC remarks before I gave them. Usually wing it, but since the aneursym, my “think on my feet” ability has been diminished. Trying hard to implement some new strategies to be successful despite the new normal.
  4. Got my steps in before noon.
  5. Was able to blow dry my hair upside down without almost falling or otherwise having vertigo.
  6. Went the whole work day with no sweets, not even the Nerds that someone brought me.
  7. Someone going through some medical problems contacted me for support. I was so humbled and honored, though I don’t feel I had much advice to offer.
  8. Called my ELA mentor today to talk.
  9. Tentatively setting a goal to walk (maybe even run) a 5k on the anniversary of my aneurysm.
  10. Back to strength training for the first time in six weeks + for the first time, went after a full day of work.
  11. Today, I needed some information from a colleague, and instead of emailing, I got up and walked to his office. Extra steps + voice practice = winning.
  12. Resisted movie candy.
  13. Asked for something I wanted today and got it. Worked out beautifully.
  14. Verged on overthinking something, but was able to shut it off.
  15. The sweet lesson I learned in The Peanuts movie.
  16. Resisted the urge to buy fixings for slutty brownies. For Thanksgiving, of course.
  17. Made my step goal for four of the past five days.
  18. Walked up and down Main Street while checking on the Soda City parking spot.
  19. Bought and ate some kale salad at lunch.
  20. Wanted Spotted Salamander for lunch; invited Beth so we could split a lunch.
  21. First workout in several weeks.
  22. And a second one the next day.
  23. Did my Toastmasters speech #9.
  24. Cut down the Christmas tree on my own, with only a little help.
  25. Did the Advent candle lighting at church, which involved a reading (with a mic, thankfully)
  26. Got someone’s attention at church by saying their name. From about eight feet away. Which means my speaking voice is getting louder.
  27. Passed on chocolate chip cookies at lunch.
  28. Passed on my favorite Groucho’s sub (Middeast) for a Junior Dipper
  29. Subbed pretzels for chips at lunch
  30. Took a much-needed Sunday nap

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