Non-Scale Victories/May

  • Replaced XL Adidas workout pants with L; wore them for the first time today. They weren’t tight or anything. (5/2)
  • Wearing a new (and size smaller) ring today! (5/3)
  • Eating mixed vegetables ala MP today: corn, carrots, asparagus, green peas, sweet potatoes. (5/5)
  • Wearing PL shirt and regular size 14 pants today! (5/6)
  • It wasn’t a fluke! Fit into Sister’s size 12 skirt this evening! (5/6)
  • Bought fresh asparagus on my own – Traci didn’t even have to dare me! (5/7)
  • Worked all day gardening (5/8) and not even sore this morning. (5/9)
  • All of the size 16 P pants that Sister gave me are now too big! (5/9)
  • Halfway to the street to take the trash, I realized that I was pulling it with just one arm. Getting stronger! (5/10)
  • Roasted and enjoyed asparagus. (5/10)
  • Did a “plank on ball from bench” this a.m. Big progress! (5/10)
  • Bought a pair of size 12 pants today. They are slightly snug in spots, but fit, and in a couple of weeks, will fit well. (5/14)
  • Size 16 shorts I bought in early April are now too loose to wear. (5/14)
  • Gone from 44D to 38C. I think that is a success. (5/14)
  • In to another of sister’s size 12 skirts. (5/15)
  • A man I don’t know at the gym told me that he’d been watching my progress since I started coming to DWC and that I looked great. (5/18)
  • I ordered a new slip (size L), and when it came, it looked really small, too small for me to wear. But when I tried it on, it fit! (5/19)
  • Got into a 10p pair of pants. Precious pink capris with embroidered roosters. They are snug, but I had them zipped and buttoned, and they passed the sit test. I bought them and can’t wait to wear them! (5/21)
  • Bought a fab pair of size 12 pants that fit perfectly, maybe even a little toward the loose side. (5/21)
  • My “one size fits all” stretch ring is too loose! (5/23)
  • Noticed some great new calf definition today! (5/24)
  • One of the cutest boys at work told me that I looked “awesome.” (5/26)
  • My VO2 went from “very poor” in September 2010 to “above average” in this morning’s assessment test! (5/26)
  • Bought another size 12! I guess it should be old hat by now, but it still shocks me! (5/26)
  • Now that I’m out of the plus sizes, I can buy clothes at some hipper and/or less expensive shops that don’t carry plus sizes. Like today, I bought a really nice size 12 black skirt for less than $20. (5/26)
  • Made and ate kale salad! (5/30)
  • When I put on my pedometer today – which I haven’t used in quite some time – I noticed that the “weight” was set to 213 lbs, that’s 50 lbs. ago! (5/31)
  • My size 12 black and white floral pants are actually getting a little loose! (5/31)
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