Non-Scale Victories/July

My non-scale victories keep me going when the scales don’t! And this month, one of my Healthmonth goals is to weigh in only once a month, on Wednesdays.

  • Tried on size 12 pink and white capri pants at The Oops Co, and they were too loose! (7/1)
  • Headed to the gym wearing a size smaller shirt and sports bra! (7/2)
  • Exercised for an hour today: 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the treadmill. (7/6)
  • Wore slim fit size 12 pants today. Bought them tight 6-8 weeks ago because they were such a steal (Revente’s Last Call); they fit perfect today! (7/7)
  • Noticed today in the gym mirror that my posture is much better these days, and especially when I’m working out. (7/7)
  • I can pretty much see my collarbones all of the time now, not just when I move a certain way. (7/7)
  • Last night, woke up and scratched an itch on my upper arm.  Noticed physically “less arm” there. (7/9)
  • Wearing size M black pajama pants! (7/11)
  • 44 years old and able to wear junior t-shirts! (Only to sleep and hang out in though; I’m not a fashion don’t!)
  • Walked up “Beverly Hill” and didn’t almost fall out. Haven’t walked it in a while; it’s easier 75 lbs. lighter! (7/16)
  • Made and ate a small salad! (7/23)
  • Bought a pair of size 10 pants that fit! I can wear them now, not five lbs. from now. (7/23)
  • Caught a glimpse of my legs from the knee down in a store door reflection and didn’t recognize them! (They were noticeably shapelier; when did THAT happen?) (7/28)
  • This one is from Traci: “Two more people told me this morning that you look amazing   — they have noticed physical changes in you in the past 3 weeks…non-scale victory = people are using you as motivation!” (7/28)
  • Saw a picture of myself taken Friday night, and my arms – nearly sleeveless – look normal. (7/31)
  • Having a moment! Sister left a pile of clothes for me to try on, and not only do I have some cute new things, two of them are size 10 skirts that fit perfectly. Size 10 skirts are a first – at least a first in many, many years. (7/31)
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  1. Great post!! How did you remember all of these mini milestones??
    By the way, I am 43 and wear junior shirts. As long they aren’t midriff shirts, I don’t see why not! They are usually more flattering than the long shirts that look like you’re trying to hide something.

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